Pound pit concludes his first completion

The consortium of Pound concluded in November the first 9 day completion (set of operations necessary to equip the well after drilling, and get you ready to produce oil and gas) Libra block, in the pre-salt Santos basin. The operation was conducted by the probe West Carina (s-48). 4

The well 3-RJS-739A, known as NW3, is located in the northwestern part of the block, about 187 km off the coast of Rio de Janeiro and 5.3 km south of the well discovered 2-ANP-2A-RJS, in water depth of 1,951 m.

The NW3 was equipped with smart completion system in two zones, which enables you to control and monitor, in real time, production from the well, and will be operational in 2017, the first Long-term test of pound, connected to the ship-pound Pioneer platform.

The consortium of Libra is formed by Petrobras (operator with 40%), Shell (20%), Total (20%), CNPC (10%) and CNOOC (10%), as Manager of the production sharing agreement the pre-salt Oil S.A. (PPSA).


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