Porto do Açu grow revenue from São João da Barra

Ten years ago, the port of Açu is in operation and in addition to port terminals, one of which is offshore, has a contiguous area for the installation of an industrial district and a rear area for storage of products. Currently, according to Bob, who manages the business, are installed in the area, among others, companies like NOV, which produces pipes for the oil and gas industry; the Wärtsilä, Assembly and production of generators and ship engines, and Ferroport, which has a terminal dedicated to the export of iron ore in the area. At the time, the Group has other contracts that have been signed with companies that are developing their units in the port, but are not yet operating.

"With the operation of the companies that operate in the port of Açu, currently about 5000 people are employed in the Açu port complex, and the collection of TAXES from the municipality of São João da Barra has increased approximately of 7,500% in recent years, reaching more than 60 million R$ a year, helping to accelerate the region's economic development partner Norte Fluminense" says Bob logistics.

For years, the company provides for the expansion of T-MULT (Terminal Multicargas), from 500 to 1,200 metres of Quay. Also are planned dredging of the access channel and cradles of T-OIL (Oil Terminal) for until 25 metres deep, which will allow the mooring of vessels of up to 320,000 tonnes. Are still provided for the installation of rail access to the industrial district of São João da Barra, which is included in the program of investment in logistics (PIL) of the federal Government, calling the region the river and victory, in the Holy Spirit.


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