Portugal makes world's largest solar energy auction

Portugal broke the world record of solar energy auction, with one of the 21 licenses offered being sold for €14.76 per megawatt-hour (MWh), said João Galamba, secretary of State and energy of the country. This is the largest energy licensing auction ever undertaken by the Portuguese, and represents more than twice the current solar power capacity installed in the country.

Based on the locations where the photovoltaic plants will be installed, bids were held in which among the competitors, they would win those who gave the highest discounts at the rate of € 45/MWh. "This auction shows that the energy transition, with which the government is committed, can not only greatly accelerate the investment and penetration of renewables in Portugal, but also do so at very low prices," said Galamba to Reuters.

Also according to the Secretary of State and Energy of Portugal, the auction counted on the victory of 13 companies, who did not have their names revealed. According to source, there are several European agents among the winners, but the Portuguese EDP (Energias de Portugal) and Galp are not part of the list.

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