Clean Energy stations are opened in Santa Catarina

The state of Santa Catarina enabled the first runner to supply electric cars in the country. Three Eletropostos Celesc, as they are called, have been opened: one on the campus of the Federal University of Santa Catarina, in the parking lot of CERTI Foundation, another on Ilha Bela post in the Itacorubi district and the first was installed in Araquari, north of Santa Catarina . There is also a fourth that is installed in Singapore.

The project is an initiative of Celesc Distribuidora, in partnership with CERTI Foundation (Reference Centers in Innovative Technologies) and Resources Research and Development Program ANEEL, and aims to spread the electric vehicle charging infrastructure in Brazil, encouraging people to use means of transport with low environmental impact and clean energy. The proposal is one of the first initiatives in Brazil stations for electric cars.

How are still in test phase, the shipments, which are generally for 15 to 20 minutes are free and should remain so for the next two years. From there the Eletropostos will be charged according to the current legislation, which is expected to be launched by the end of 2017.

It seems that the "green wave" has created form and taken forces and should be trend for the coming years as the research advance and electric vehicles become more accessible to the population, from a financial point of view. This first electric corridor can be a motivator for new clean energy initiatives in the country, sustainability in the automotive industry and increase the efficiency of transport.

Photo Credit: Edson Machado


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