PPSA analyzes future of Brazilian pre-salt production

This past Tuesday (17), the CEO of the state-owned Pre-Salt Oil SA (PPSA), Eduardo Gerk, presented an estimate made by the company, which points out that Brazil should be entitled, over the next ten years, to a cumulative total of 1 billion barrels of oil arising from the union's share of production sharing contracts signed for pre-salt areas.

The projections, released by PPSA during an online event of the EPBR agency, also show that the National Treasury could raise approximately 75.3 billion dollars only by marketing this production. In addition, they also consider it possible to collect $72.4 billion in royalties and $56.7 billion in taxes, which were the proceeds from the sale of the barrels.

The figures on the future prospects of the PPSA come as Economy Minister Paulo Guedes has said the government will seek privatization of the company. Earlier this month, Guedes said the state-owned company will be included in a group of companies to be denationalized by the end of 2021.


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