PPSA wants to become an oil exporter next year

The state pre-salt Petroleum (PPSA), created to represent the Union, is preparing for next year to become an oil exporter and have the logistics contracted. The company is interested in reaching new markets that are part of the pre-salt sharing contracts to market the product of the Union.

According to Ibsen Flores, president of the company, PPSA has been experiencing difficulties in the oil trade, faced with the shortage of state that acquire the product within the national territory. In addition, he said that the auctions envisaged may indicate a proposal for the company's own offer.

Currently, the government sold in total three loads of oil, being two of 500,000 barrels and one of 250,000 barrels and, even that year, it wants to carry out more oil auctions. At the first auction, the government did not conclude any bids, because the marketing rules were still in progress in Congress.

It is worth remembering that the company is in preparation for the auction that will take place on the 31st of this month, and shall be offered 14.4 million of barrels of oil in B3, in Sao Paulo, inherent in the field of Mero, Thrush and Lula, located in the basin of Santos.

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