Pre-salt: ANP provides $ $36 billion at the auction

According to the National Agency of petroleum, Natural gas and biofuels (ANP), the pre-salt areas that will be auctioned in the second and third auctions of the pre-salt, expected to happen in the next day on October 27, will demand investments of $ $36 billion, if all the blocks are awarded in two bids.

As already reported by Panorama Offshore pre-salt ofertará 2nd round four areas with unitizáveis deposits, i.e. adjacent to fields or prospects whose reservoirs extend beyond the area granted. The areas are concerning findings called for Bobcat and Carcará, and the fields of green turtle and Sapinhoá.

Already the third Round ofertará four localized areas in the Campos and Santos basins, in the region of the polygon of the pre-salt, relating to prospectuses of Pau Brazil, Peroba, Alto de Cabo Frio-Cabo Frio and Upper West-Central.

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