Pre-salt pumps and oil market advances

Even the slow steps Petrobras begins to put his head out and demonstrate the oxygen that the Brazilian oil market needs to walk out of the crisis. Example of that State is really treading down this road was the news that made public on Tuesday, Dec. 20, about the start of production in the field of Lapa, in the pre-salt Santos basin.

According to the State, the country of Ladha, located approximately 270 km from the coast of the State of São Paulo, in water depth of 2,140 meters, began pumping oil and natural gas through the floating storage and offloading Unit (FPSO) named the city of Caraguatatuba. The robust platform vessel has the capacity to process daily 100000 barrels of oil, compress 5 million m3 of gas, being connected to the Lapa through the producer pit 7-LPA-1 d.

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