Pre-salt oil expects revenue from R $300 million

Created in November 2013, the pre-salt oil SA (PPSA) that operates in the management of contracts of production sharing, commercialization of oil and natural gas and is still representative of the Government in Unitization agreements (agreement between the concessionaires of different areas of exploitation of oil, when there are cases in which the reserves of two or more blocks are linked), provides revenue, in 2018, of R $300 million.

With the permission to market directly the oil slice of the union in the pre-salt, PPSA portends the sales of oil extracted from the fields of Mero (formerly called Libra) and Thrush, operated by the Brazilian oil company. The first charge withdrawn from Mero is planned for this quarter and the PPSA wants to obtain R $70 million liquids with the sale of oil.

The Union will also have the right to withdraw 130,000 barrels of oil from the field of thrush, which should yield you around R $20 million this year, said the CEO of pre-Salt, Ibsen Flores Lima.

The first oil load of PPSA in the field of Mero is 500,000 barrels and must be withdrawn in early April by Petrobras.

The sale will not be made by auction, and should be made to one of the partners of Mero-Petrobras, Shell, Total, CNPC or CNOOC. The partners of Thrush are Petrobras, Shell and Repsol. Ibsen Lima explains that logistics leads to the sale to the partners and not by auction. "The auction is for the medium term. In the short term, the idea is to make a price outlet with the partners, which are the companies that have the proper logistics. "

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