Pre-salt petroleum will be the direct oil marketer of the Union

As a payment for the exploitation of pre-salt fields provided for in the sharing regime, state pre-salt oil (PPSA) will be the direct market of the Union's petroleum. The federal government must decide whether to edit provisional measure (MP) or a bill (PL), since PPSA can only sell the oil directly to the union if there is a change in regulation.

By current law, the State responsible for managing production in the pre-salt fields needs to hire a merchant agent to carry out operations, which would prevent direct sale to the union. According to information, the changes in the rule should occur shortly, since production in the field of Libra, in the Santos Basin, can happened to yet this month.

According to Ibsen Lima, CEO of PPSA, the government must decide to edit a provisional measure, so that already in the first quarter of 2018, with effective production in the Libra field, the union begins to receive its percentage in the oil. The beginning of the long-term tests (TLD), on the platform vessel (FPSO), pioneer in Libra, must begin by the end of the year. The forecast is that the vessel can produce up to 50000 barrels per day only with the interconnection of a single well.

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