Pre-salt will stop on justice and auctions are suspended

Amazon's justice suspended the subsalt auctions (2nd and 3rd rounds), scheduled to take place today, Friday, 27 October 2017.

That's right, Judge Ricardo Augusto de Sales, the third Federal Court of Civil Federal Court, granted provisional decision (preliminary) for accepting that there is no risk of damage to public assets, as a result of the starting bid be considered exceedingly low. The action by Wallace Byll Pinto Monteiro, affiliated with PT.

The magistrate says there is "apparent constitutional addiction macula the legislative process of the law of 2016 who promoted drastic changes in law No. 12,351, 2010, regarding the production sharing scheme in the pre-salt areas and the competence of the bodies and entities public involved ". And more: "there's the likelihood" in the action argument that "it is noticeable the distortion and the relegation of the values".

In short, when deciding by the suspension of the auction, the judge tries to fend off possibilities of occurrences that may cause damage to public assets.

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