Pre-salt must earn 13 more platforms and investment of R $35 billion up to 2022

On Monday, September 3, Petrobras reported, in note, that up to 2022 will deploy 13 more pre-salt platforms and invest R $35 billion to increase oil production in the region. The forecast is part of the Business plan and management of the State, for the period from 2018 to 2022.

This month, the company completes 10 years since the first oil extraction in the field of humpback, in the basin of Campos. According to Petrobras, during this period the extraction cost in the pre-salt fell to below US $7 per barrel of equivalent oil.

Still in note, the company reported that currently the volume of production is higher than in the United Kingdom and Oman, which extracted 1 million of barrels per day in 2017.

Petrobras grossed R $40 billion royalties and special shareholdings in the first 10 years of pre-salt production. For the business plan and management planned for 2018/2022, with revision to happen between 2019/2023, the state intends to profit R $130 billion in government shareholdings.

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