Revision of the pre-salt transfer contract will be set until May

Petrobras must present a revision model of the contract of onerous transfer of the pre-salt, to replace the original of 2010, next Thursday, 28, to the National Council of Energy Policy (CNPE). The state has been meeting with the Union for days to close the new contract. The debate has been dragging for almost five years.

After the agreement, Petrobras must receive a billionaire credit from the union, which in return may give progress to the auction of the areas of onerous assignment that will not be with the state, the surplus. The value should only be defined in May, according to the Minister of Mines and Energy, Bento Albuquerque.

Still according to Albuquerque, the areas that will be auctioned are continuous to reservoirs that are with the state, so the winners of the auction, when they acquire the blocks, will have to work in partnership with Petrobras.

The auction of surplus areas of the onerous assignment contract will follow the same model used for the pre-salt, with pre-defined signature bonuses for each block, offering goodwill on the quota of ‘ profit-oil ‘ — profit slice passed on to the Treasury — which is the guarantee to Petrobras that can lead all projects, with at least 30% participation.

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