Price of petrol and diesel is reduced by Petrobras

As the Offshore Panorama had already reported, the high gas prices and oil prices by Petrobras, which resulted in the fall in demand, stopped refining of oil company in Brazil. In view of this scenario, the State reported a reduction in prices in their refineries.

The price of a liter of gasoline will cost 1.4% less. Already diesel will have a 5.1 percent reduction in the value of the liter. According to Petrobras’s estimates, if the adjustment is passed by gas stations in full to consumers the price of gasoline may fall R$ 0.02 while diesel will have a discount of 0.08 R$.

According to the oil company, every 30 days shall be assessed market prices, according to the new pricing policy in the State’s refineries.

Despite the fall wouldn’t be very meaningful for the common consumer, companies that buy in large quantities can benefit and buy with Petrobras instead of import, as was done in most of the last year.

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