Price of gasoline in the refineries has 5.4% drop

After evaluation by the Executive Group of market and prices (GEMP) and following the pricing policy announced in October 2016, Petrobras reduced the average value in the refineries in 5.4% to 3.5% for gasoline and diesel.

If the setting is passed on in full to consumers and there is no change in the other plots that make up the price, the cost of gasoline may fall approximately 2.4% of or R $0.09 per liter on average, while the diesel value could be reduced by 2.2%, decrease in R $0.07 per liter.

However, as the brazilian legislation guarantees freedom of market prices of fuels and derivatives, the revisions made to the refineries may or may not reflect the final price to the consumer. Regarding the decision to reduce the value, Petrobras said that the significant increase in imports in the last month, has forced the company to make adjustments in competitiveness in the internal market.

The import of gas by a third party to the domestic market increased from 240,000 cubic meters in February, to 419,000 in April. According to forecasts, the number must remain so also this month may. Already diesel imports rose from 564,000 cubic meters in February, to 811,000 in April. The expectation is that the numbers exceed 1 million cubic meters this month.

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