Price of gasoline can be readjusted

The Director and refining and gas from Petrobras, Jorge Chang, 11, said in November that the new fuel price policy allows the company to perform more than one set per month, if the market is very volatile. The company announced a second reduction in gasoline and diesel prices in 2016, at 3.1% and 10.4%, respectively. The first was held on October 14.

"The pricing policy provides that, at least once a month, we meet to discuss this theme. But, depending on the volatility, can be done more than once a month, "said the Executive, in a teleconference with analysts to detail the third-quarter balance sheet.

In the Conference call, the Executive Manager of investor relations, Isabela State Mosque Carneiro da Rocha, said that even after the two adjustments, the company's profit margins in the sale of fuels remain above the business plan of the company.


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