Price of gas canister can come up with new policy

Was approved by the Executive Board of Petrobras price policy for marketing to distributors of liquefied petroleum gas sold in canisters of up to 13 kg and of residential use (LPG-P13). Natural gas was the only derived for which the company did not have a price.

The final value to distributors will be formed by the monthly average of the prices of butane and propane in the European market (NWE CIF ARA Butane and Propane NWE CIF ARA) converted into reais for the daily average prices of dollar selling, as disclosed by the Central Bank, increased by a margin of 5%.

The price will reach consumers may or may not reflect the adjustment made in the refineries, which have increased 6.7 percent, everything will depend on the transfers made by other members of the fuel chain and resellers. Brazilian law guarantees freedom of market prices of fuels and derivatives.

However, if the percentage is passed on to the consumer, the price of the cylinder you can climb, on average, 2.2% or R $1.25 per unit, if they are maintained distribution margins and resale and tax rates. The corrections on the values will have validity from the 5 day of each month. Only this month of June, the adjustment has been practiced yesterday, day 8.


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