Diesel and gasoline price has new high

Petrobras promoted this Monday (19) increases of 1.50% in the price of diesel and 1.82% in the price of gasoline, marketed in refineries. As of today, the company changed its way of announcing the readjustments, and began to inform the prices of the litre of gasoline and diesel sold by the company in the refineries-and no longer the percentages of readjustment.

According to the company, the price of diesel A in refineries went from R $1.7112 on 17 February to R $1.7369 on 20 February-which represents an increase of 1.50%. The price of gasoline A in refineries rose from R $1.4877 to R $1.5148:1.82% increase in the product.

On Friday (16), the company had announced a 3.9% retreat in the price of gasoline, and 2.3% drop in the price of diesel in the refineries. Petrobras adopts a new format in the pricing policy since July 3. By the new methodology announced, the adjustments happen more frequently, including daily.

Since the beginning of the new methodology, the price of gasoline marketed in refineries accumulates high of 15.45% and, that of diesel, appreciation of 16.81%. Source.

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