Price of cooking gas can reach R $ 200 in 2021

According to the president of the Brazilian Association of Liquefied Gas Dealers (ASMIRG-BR), Alexandre Borjaili, the price of gas liquefied oil, also known as cooking gas, is at risk of be sold to consumers between R$ 150 and R$ 200 this year.

It is worth remembering that according to data released by Petrobras last Thursday (14), the price of the kitchen gas canister suffered a high 5.3% in the last year. All this increase is due to social distancing pandemic, which caused domestic demand for LPG to be Increase. According to data from the National Agency for Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels (ANP), the consumer pays today, on average, R$ 75.04 for a 13-pound canister. The maximum amount reaches R$ 105.


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