Oil prices remain unstable and continuity in the OPEC cuts are inevitable

Oil prices are going through the vagaries from last year, according to the Panorama comes a disclosing Offshore approves evidence of volatility is that last Friday, may 5, oil has risen about 1.5% of in Europe and the USA. However, the week before, the commodity has accumulated losses of more than 5%, amid fears that the advance of production of the USA and other countries.

The threat was that the increase in demand, eliminate the efforts of the Organization of petroleum exporting countries (Opec), as well as other producer countries, which are cutting your offer to try to raise the price of the commodity in this first half of 2017.

Despite the low, there are expectations that the reduced production be perpetuated by the end of this year of 2017, in an attempt to reduce the global stockpile. OPEC members and countries such as Russia have been trying to cut your production at about 1.8 million barrels per day in the first half. However, investors believe the extension seems inevitable, but the decision should only be revealed the next day 25, when the cartel will gather.

Amanheceram oil futures falling. The Brent oil for July had low of 0.18%, to pay $49.01 per barrel, while USR is on New York Exchange Mertile, WTI for the same month retreated 0.13%, costing $ $46.15 per barrel.

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