Price of oil has mild recovery, but not stocks retreat

The price of oil has fluctuated quite this April, with Brent, including, tumbled about 5% of this week. These changes reflect the concerns of investors about real recovery of the commodity due to the global pact of oil production cuts by OPEC members and countries that signed the agreement, along with doubts about the draining of excess reserves.

However, on this Tuesday morning, April 25, oil type Brent for June climbed 0.33% on Intercontinental Exchange (ICE), worth $51.77, barrel, while WTI for the same month was discharged of 0.33%, on the New York Mercantile Exchange (Nymex), going to $49.39 a barrel.

Experts say that although small elevation, the price of oil will be still uncertain. And, until the Opec should decide on the extent of the global compact the main market focus will be on inventories of visible products. Investors now are waiting for a drop in crude oil reserves.

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