Price of combustívies has new adjustment

4.2% this is the percentage of increase in the price of gas that Petrobras held at refineries across the country. Being the biggest readjustment deployed since the creation of the new State's pricing policy two months ago. The day August 31, the company had already made a rise of 0.5%.

While gasoline rises 4.2%, diesel received 0.8% increase. According to information, the high is related to the storm of Harvey, in the States of Lousiana and Texas of the United States. With the elevção, the price of fuel accumulates in 4.7% and 4.2% gasoline, diesel.

It is not known whether this percentage will be passed on in full to consumers. However, it's worth waiting for a rainy day to circulate with domestic cars across the country. Stay informed about everything that happens in the market of oil, gas, energy, gasoline, fuels, Petrobras, onshore and offshore. Visit the Panorama portal Offshore. Remember: your business. Check out:


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