Gasoline lowers in refineries, but goes high in the ranks

Despite the decline in Petrobras refineries, the price of gasoline is still high in the gas stations. The same happens with diesel, even if the federal subsidy program is implemented.

According to the ANP (National Agency for Petroleum, Natural Gas and biofuels), the liter of fuel cost on average R $4.722 last week, equivalent to a 0.47% high compared to the previous week, when it cost R $4.70.

That was the seventh consecutive week of increase. The price of the bombs was the consequence of the increases promoted by Petrobras in refineries, due to the influence of the high international quotations and the depreciation of the real.

The ANP detected an increase in both the sales price of the distributors and the profit margin of the posts, which reached R $0.438 the liter, corresponding to 2.8% above that for three weeks. This means that even with the drop in gasoline prices in refineries, the consumer is still paying for the high value.

In addition to gasoline, the price of diesel reached R $3.712, with a high of 1.22%. The value was readjusted for the first time on September 29th, when it rose, on average 2.79%. The grant program sees frozen prices for 30-day periods.

Petrobras, other producers and refiners are backed up to R $0.30 per liter sold at the tabulated price, depending on the international variations of the exchange rate.

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