Average ethanol prices change in several states

A survey by the National Agency for Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels (ANP) showed that average prices of hydrated ethanol fell in 15 states and rose in another 11 and in the Federal District. The data are for the week between April 18 and 24.

In all posts surveyed by the ANP by the country, the average price of ethanol rose 1.49% in the week compared to the previous – from R$ 3.758 to R$ 3.814 a liter. In São Paulo, for example, the main state producer, consumer and with the most valued stations, the average price of hydrated ethanol was R$ 3.587, an increase of 1.30% compared to the previous week.

The monthly comparison shows that the average price of biofuel fell 1.13% nationwide. It is noteworthy that the state with the largest drop in the period was Mato Grosso, where the liter fell 15.34%.


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