Presented NGL production report on sea and land of the quarter

The National Agency of Petroleum, natural gas and biofuels presented at the beginning of May, the national productivity spreadsheet of liquid oil and natural gas (NGL) of the first quarter since year by unit of the Federation and location (land and sea). Oil production includes condensed, and statistical survey is by production by Wells.

The Offshore Panorama had already reported the presentation of the values of Petrobras ' evolution, and the indication of payment of dividends. Now, we go to statistics so that stakeholders, including the population, entrepreneurs and municipalities interested in increasing the volume of eye production, also, increase and sum of royalties.

Market-This presentation also gives margin to level import and export, aiming to better serve the consumer market, which complains about the high prices of diesel and gasoline in the country's petrol pumps.

Understanding that the ANP is the authorized body of the Brazilian foreign trade with competence to act in the administrative areas of import and export procedure of petroleum, petroleum derivatives and biofuels.

The administrative phase refers to the processes and requirements of government agencies prior to the effect of import/export and vary according to the type of operation and merchandise: it is the licensing of imports and exports.

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