President asks people to save energy

President Jair Bolsonaro used his social networks to ask the population to save energy, which according to him, is at the "limit limit". The statement came after many criticisms directed at the government about the lack of a previous and sincere position that would make the population understand the scale of the gravity of the situation.

During broadcast on his social networks, Bolsonaro made an appeal to the population: "I'm sure you can turn off a point of light now. I ask this favor: turn off a point of light. Help, so it's helping to save water from the hydroelectric plants. We are already in the house of 10, 15% storage in most of the dams," said the president.

With the dry season and high energy consumption, the crisis has worsened further in recent weeks, where many dams are at low levels in their reservoirs and are at risk of stopping working. With this, the possibility of rationing and blackout are increasing. Stay on top of what happens in the energy sector through Panorama Offshore. Here you can provide quality information and news about oil, gas, energy, pre-salt, biofuels, fuels, technologies, Petrobras and offshore and onshore. Remember: your business going on around here! Check out: /


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