Cemig president defends privatization

” (Cemig) fails to attract economic development of Minas Gerais. Nothing happens without power. The solution I see for the Cemig is a strong investor with financial capacity, and that makes the investment over the next few years,” said the president Of Cemig, Cledorvino Belini, who spoke about a need to privatize the Company.

For him, the company would be investing 50% of total demand resources that should be invested in projects in the state and this does not would be enough. Belini commented on the scenario in an interview with the governor Romeo Zema (Novo Party), who appealed to the president with the aim of to seek support for cemig’s privatisation.

The governor will send the bill to the Assembly next year, but you already know you’re going to face a lot of resistance in the Legislature. To privatize, the Mining Constitution requires that the issue go through a popular referendum, in addition to to have the endorsement of the majority of the 77 state representatives.


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