President of Eletrobras resigns from office

Wilson Ferreira Junior, president of Eletrobras, resigned from office alleging personal reasons last Sunday (24), according to a statement from the company. Junior will continue at Eletrobras until March 5 to make the transition from the presidency. However, so far, there is still no indication of a successor.

The executive took office during the government of Michel Fear and aimed to prepare Eletrobras for privatization. After was invited to continue in the presidency of the company by Jair Bolsonaro, expectations that it would lead the continuity of plans for the privatisation of the company.

It is worth remembering that the government announced its privatist agenda in december last year, with the plan to privatise nine companies, among them, Eletrobras. However, the sale of the company, which would already be a major challenge of the government, now becomes even more complicated with Junior's departure.

This is because the financial market has doubts about the bolsonaro government's ability to privatize Eletrobras, due to issues such as the weakening of the government base in the National Congress. Moreover, the fact that the state has given positive results in recent years would be enough to nullify, thus, the need for privatization.


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