President of ABPIP believes in improvement in the sector

Luciana de Miranda Martins Borges, re-elected in charge of ABPIP (Brazilian Association of Independent Petroleum Producers), for a period of 2 years (2021-2023) and general manager of Maha Energy, plans equally active performance in the onshore and offshore sectors. Borges, who is hopeful, believes that the current moment is improving and that companies will return with projects that have been put to a standstill because of the pandemic.

She believes 2022 will be a positive year for the oil market.According to Luciana, the objectives ahead of ABPIP is to continue regulatory agendas and increase the number of members on the list who have companies such as PetroRio. The general manager believes that, despite petrobras' disinvestment, the shallow water sector will go through a moment of growth.

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