President of Petrobras predicts oil between $55 and $65

In an interview with the CNBC American network, the president of Petrobras Pedro relative believes that oil barrel prices can remain between $55 and $ $65. On Thursday, Brent's barrel value was being negotiated at $ $61, while the WTI to us $55.

Despite the statement, relative pointed out that it is difficult to carry out precise forecasts in this market, taking into consideration, including, that prices have already cost in 2014, US $100 the barrel.  In the interview, the executive also said that Petrobras ' profits remained below the expected account of smaller margins and sales volume of derivatives, as well as non-recurring expenses.

Relative said the company will maintain its strategic plan, however, in a more tailored way, with reduced cost and fulfillment of the disinvestment program. Stay informed about everything that happens in the oil, gas, energy, petrol, fuel, Petrobras, onshore and offshore market accompanying the offshore Panorama. Remember, your business passes through here! Check out: and


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