Environmental license in the offshore world

In order to allow the exploration of oil and natural gas wells in the environmental licensing process of Ibama (Brazilian Institute for the Environment and renewable natural resources), it is necessary to fill out the characterization form of Activity (FCA), which consists of an electronic form of request defined by the Institute. The completion is then ordered for the previous drilling of the region.

In the request you need six basic items: registration and regularity in the Federal Technical Register (CTF), federal active environmental licensing process, application of the preliminary license for drilling (lpper), presentation of the control report Environmental (RCA), authorization of onshore deforestation and copy of Lpper's publication.

The Federal Technical Register (CTF) consists in the registration of individuals and legal entities that perform to possess identification in the National Environment System (SISNAMA), with the function of controlling the polluting and degrading activities of environmental resources .  The Lpper application is the document that authorizes the drilling activity in activities related to exploration of each well.

The presentation of the Environmental Control report (RCA) contains several information, surveys and studies of the identification of legal non-conformities and potential environmental impacts, due to the facilities of the service being requested to Permission. And the authorization of deforestation refers to the expedition of Ibama.

All these measures are included in the laws No. 140/11 and No. 6.938/1981 and resolutions Conama No. 23/1994 and No. 237/1997 so that each new procedure is installed in a correct manner and does not harm the environment.

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