Privatisation of Eletrobras gains push

The federal government accelerated the progress of the bill internally to privatize Eletrobras. The rush is due to the need to release resources in the estimated budget in collection of about R $12 billion, and the goal of closing the accounts still this year.

With the launch of the state's assets to the market, the union would open the company's shareholding control, reducing its share of the current more than 60% to a quantity below 50%. What is promised, is that part of the revenue of R $12 billion would go to the Treasury vaults, and another part would be returned to the consumer by means of tariff discounts.

The company's denationalization is part of the government's post-retirement pension agenda, but it is still not expected when the project will be sent to the National Congress. The process of privatization of Eletrobras still depends on the approval of the deputies and senators, since the state was withdrawn from the National Plan of Denationalization (PND).

However, there is still strong resistance on the part of parliamentarians in the Senate regarding the privatization of State-owned and Eletrobras. The same situation serves Petrobras, Banco do Brasil and Caixa Economica Federal. The project also includes separating the Itaipu hydroelectric power plant and Eletronuclear. Both cannot be privatized according to the Constitution.

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