Privatization of Eletrobras leaves electricity bill more expensive

A technical note from the Association of Engineers and Technicians of the Eletrobras System (Aesel) showed the effects of the privatization of Eletrobras for the population. Among them is the increase of about 14% in the electricity bill.

Also according to the document, this will happen because Eletrobras, which today practices the lowest prices of the power generation market, would suffer from the descotization of power plants. Today, the value of the energy delivered by the quota plants is about R$ 61/MWh currently. Soon, the privatization of the company would start a process of descotization, which would increase prices for the next thirty years of concession.

It is noteworthy that Eletrobras currently holds 30% of the generation, 45% of the transmission and more than 52% of the hydrological reserves of electricity in Brazil.


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