Pro-Pipelines reduces fuel loss by 31% from theft

The Petrobras Integrated Pipeline Protection Program (Pro-Pipelines) was launched in June 2019 and has so far reduced by 31% the loss of fuel by thefts in pipelines of the state. According information disclosed last Monday (8) by Petrobras, the program avoids loss of 3.4 million liters of fuel in 1 year.

The Pro-Pipelines program focuses on investing in awareness of the risks caused by pipeline thefts. Through of the campaign, the programme asks the population to report criminal activities in the ducts via telephone 168. Until The month of May of this year, 101 occurrences.

In addition to a big win for the company, the number has great value, as it also means a lower threat and greater security for those who live around the facilities. Petrobras also recalls that this type of crime puts the population's life and the environment at risk, as the pipelines lead to flammable products.


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