Migration process should count with the help of experienced professionals

"Customer cannot be exposed to any type of risk," says lawyer

Those who accompany the international market, mainly related to living, working and investing in the United States, became aware of a possible change in the EB-5 investor visa, which will have their rules, conditions and values extended until 7 December.

In addition to keeping an eye on the U.S. currency and other government requirements, before thinking about packing, those who wish to move in time need to have the help of a lawyer or specialist who will structure the entire migratory process. For all steps to succeed, the visa applicant must have empathy with this professional, trust, talk a lot and feel that it transmits security during consultations. "Discard the one who stutters when it passes some information, or worse, that brings more doubts than clarifications," directs the CEO of Loyalty Miami, Daniel Toledo.

The growth in the search for Brazilians to live legally in the United States has contributed to the increase of new consultancies, which have no tradition, and that are often headed by those who venture into the market. "There are people launching in this segment, but who have no experience, neither in the legal area and much less business, and offer consultancy, endangering a dream of a lifetime," Toledo reveals.

The CEO of Loyalty explains that this situation occurs because it is a market that attracts attention, especially of those who are anxious to leave Brazil, and in most cases, has a variable economic situation. "We have the anxiety and money side by side, which is a real decoy. They are two strands, the business and the visa, so this ends up attracting many inexperienced opportunists without any kind of professional baggage. It's like I always say, lawyer doesn't lose cause, who loses is the client. He receives the fees and whoever hired him often gets the damage, "Daniel says.

Another criterion that can be used to choose the professional is to check the curriculum, especially when it comes to business deployment linked to permanence in another country. "It takes many years of experience and specialization. The diploma on the wall has a large weight, as well as years of experience in that specific area. What I knew in just five years of acting in this area, is not 10% of what I know today with twenty years of hard work. I read every day, I haven't stopped studying and I'm doing my third master's. My area always has news, especially in the business and legal part. If the professional does not update, much of his luggage ends up losing the meaning ", points out the CEO.

When you talk about immigration to the United States, the rules are the same for any state. Daniel explains that a licensed lawyer from Texas, for example, can serve a customer who is in Florida: "This professional does not necessarily have the license of the state where he lives, because it is Federal law. Then, the most correct way to confirm the authenticity of the professional is during the interview, by requesting that he show records as certificates and other licenses, "he says.

In addition to the care to choose who will help, it is necessary to check whether the company has the necessary mandatory licenses. "Loyalty has a specific license with the Florida BAR, as well as the offices in Brazil have a permit issued by the OAB, here it works the same way. Class organs recommend that the trader has a $100, 000 civilian liability insurance because, most of them do not. But we chose to follow this guideline, extending even to 200,000 dollars, "he concludes.

 Packed bags

Ana Carolina Adena and Marcel Salomão met at the Faculty of Dentistry and always dreamed of living in the United States. They married, had two children, and as they visited the country countless times, elected the place as a favorite destination for a family vacation. But concerned about the economic instability of Brazil and politics, every time they bought the passages, they wanted to leave everything behind and start a new story only grew.

And that's what they did.  Shortly after the decision, which happened last year, began researching on the internet on the subject and found information about the event entrepreneurial journey that took place in the month of March in Orlando. "We attended several lectures and one of them was the lawyer Daniel Toledo. We talked to him personally to learn a little more about how the migration process would be supported, "says Carolina.

The businesswoman has Italian citizenship and therefore was guided by Toledo to request the E2, a modality created so that citizens of countries that have treated navigation and trade with the United States can work and live in the USA with their families. "We get the visa and also fulfill all the requirements.  As of October, our definitive address is now in Miami, "he concludes.

Roberto is a business administrator and also works as a security consultant and shooting instructor in Brazil for more than 20 years. As a true lover of what he does, he always thought of undertaking this segment in the United States. In one of his travels, he found in the region of Fort Myers, Florida, an establishment already working and, when he became aware that it was for sale, decided to start the purchase process.

He and his wife studied all the obligations and characteristics of the business and knew that it would be possible to acquire them, however, they did not imagine that it would be so difficult to find a consultancy that of this support that he needed to elaborate the process of Visa application and mainly to structure a really effective business plan. "We went to several offices in search of help. Only when we talk to Daniel is that we can see our project take off. From the first contact until the implementation of the business were only four months ", concludes the entrepreneur.

 * Daniel Toledo is a lawyer specialized in international law, business consultant and founding partner of Loyalty Miami. For more information, visit: Http://www.loyalty.miami or contact us by email @ loyalty. Miami. Toledo also has a YouTube channel with more than 55000 followers Https://www.youtube.com/loyaltymiamiusa and a fan page on Facebook with more than 240,000 followers, with tips for those who want to live, work or undertake in the United States, Portugal and Spain.


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