Procon indicates lack of cooking gas at points of sale

Residents of Garulhos, São Paulo, have faced difficulties in acquiring cooking gas canisters in the municipality. This is because the demand for the product has increased considerably with the current coronavirus pandemic in the country.

According to the procon of the city, the lack of cooking gas due to high demand compared to insufficient supply. Also according to the agency, the Union of Companies Representing LPG of Capital and the Municipalities of Greater São Paulo (Sergás) ensured the normalization of supply for the next few days.

As regards reports of abusive prices of the product, Procon has clarified that it has received several complaints and is carrying out on-site surveillance, as well as providing guidance to consumers, such as invoice requirement, save proof of payment and take pictures of the price panels of the resale of gas. Finally, the body stressed that it is necessary to have documentary at the time of the complaint, because without it, there is no possibility of returning amount unduly charged.


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