Procon-RJ establishes sanctioning act against Enel

After inspecting and investigating complaints from consumers in Maricá, the State Procon of Rio de Janeiro instituted a sanctioning act against Ampla Energia e Serviços S.A, an electric power company owned by Enel. The act was instituted last Friday (8).

The complaints of the residents were considered a violation of the consumer's rights, since they suffered cases of interruption of the power supply, intermitience in the provision of the service, oscillation in the network, difficulty and delay in meeting the requests for re-establishment, in addition to material disorders. The company providing the services may be fined up to R$ 10 million.

The president of Procon-RJ, Cássio Coelho, argued that the company should adopt technical improvements necessary to provide a regular and quality service to its consumers.


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