Production of petroleum lubricants market heats up

With high exploration and production of oil, other oil derivative that hitched a ride and had its heated market was the automotive lubricant. It is estimated that in recent years the volume of lubricants was over 1.6 billion liters, moved more than $20 billion reais.

Sindlub data revealed that the national market of lubricants is among the five largest in the world and the bustling volume surpasses the total consumption of the countries of Latin America. Automotive oils have attended by about 65%, while 25% industrial lubricants, greases 5% and 4.5% process products on the market.

Aware of this potential slice, the American oil company Chevron announced expansion of 20% to 25% of turnover in the area of lubricants in Brazil until 2018, which must be obtained by means of organic growth and market share. As a strategy, the company, which provides annually about 180 million liters of lubricants in Brazil, has already made the first step and joined the Ipiranga in creating a production company and marketing of lubricants.

With the Union, the company that will serve also with additives, coolants and greases of the two brands, will become the second largest in the lubricants sector after BR, taking 22 percent of the market. The expectation for the next years is growth in the automotive and industrial sectors, which can help make the lubricating oils demand remains high.


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