Petrobras oil production has fall to 3% in January

Because of the shutdown in platform P-40, in the field of Marlin South, in the Campos Basin, as well as maintenance on one of the wells interconnected to the FPSO Cidade producers Anchieta, in the Parque das Baleias, Petrobras had a volume of production on January 3% less than in December 2016. The total amount was $2,860,000 from boed, being produced in Brazil and other 2,740,000 120,000 boed abroad.

Total production in January was 2,230,000 barrels per day (bpd). The oil company still produced 81,400,000 cubic meters of natural gas, liquefied, which volume deleted ended up "in line" with the production from December 2016. About operated by State production in the pre-salt layer, the monthly volume record last month, with 1.28 million barrels of oil per day and daily record on January 4, to 1.34 million barrels of oil.

In a statement, Petrobras stated that the "results are due mainly to the growth in production from new wells connected to FPSOs city of Caraguatatuba (in the field of Lapa); City of Saquarema, the city of Mangalore and the city of Itaguaí (located in Squid); and the city of São Paulo (Sapinhoá); all in the Santos basin. Another highlight was the largest operational performance on the platform P-58, in Parque das Baleias, in the Campos Basin, "says.

Gas production abroad also had increased in January, getting a volume 13% higher than in December. Petrobras produced 69000 barrels of oil per day, as a result, according to the State, the return to operation of the Agbami field in Nigeria, after shutdown in December. However, domestic production had 16% drop, totaling m ³/d 8,600,000.