Producers crave Amazon block in edict

Producers of the P&G branch and politicians are pressuring the ANP (National Agency for Oil, Natural Gas and Biofuels) to include the exploratory blocks of the Amazon Basin again in the notice of permanent supply. 

The withdrawal had happened when the MPF (Federal Prosecutor's Office) questioned about the existence of indigenous lands in the exploratory areas, however, advocates of inclusion argue that there is no overlap in most areas. In addition, they also claim that the Ipaam (Amazonas Environmental Protection Institute) had already issued an opinion in 2018 in which they claimed that the blocks were outside indigenous lands and settlements.

In a statement, Funai (National Indian Foundation) told Folha de São Paulo that he sent a letter to the ANP in December and claims to have identified "the overlapping of blocks to studies of the Capybara Indigenous Land; to the studies of the Muratuba Indigenous Land; partially to the studies of the Igarapé Paiol Indigenous Land; and studies of the Lake barrigudo Indigenous Land", in addition to 13 claims of indigenous lands.

Thus, the ANP states that it "still awaits manifestation of Funai itself regarding the coordinates of the areas, in order, if applicable, to indicate the need to redefine the limits of the areas to be offered".


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