National oil and gas production beats record, ANP says

On Tuesday, 2, the ANP (National Agency for Petroleum, Natural Gas and biofuels) stated that the total oil and gas production in the country reached the mark of 3,473,000 barrels of oil per day (bpd). The numbers hit record, exceeding the previous of December 2016.

The oil production reached 2,731,000 bpd, exceeding the previous record, also recorded in December 2016, of 2,730,000 bpd. There was an increase of 4.9% in relation to the previous month and 4.7% in comparison with the same month in 2018.

The production of natural gas was 118 million cubic meters per day (m³/day), exceeding the previous record of 117 MMm ³/d of October 2018. In relation to the previous month, the growth was 4.4% and 5.4% in comparison to May 2018.

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