Production of Libra and the costly assignment should reach a thousand barrels/day

The future oil production of the Libra area and the costly assignment in the Santos basin must reach at least 1 million barrels per day in each region, projected on Wednesday the Director-General of the National Agency for Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels (ANP), Decius Oddone.

He evaluated, in the sector's event in Rio de Janeiro, that the future production in the country is practically equated with the pre-salt auctions held so far and the competition planned for this year.

But he argued that Brazil has to deepen the discussion about the production of oil on land, unconventional, and on other borders. "I would say that the issue of deep offshore, with large fields and in the vicinity of the pre-salt, is an issue equated with auctions. Last year's and this year's auctions also indicate the resumption of large-scale production… The pre-salt with 80 wells produces 1.5 million, "he said at an Getulio Vargas Foundation event.

"We have field in the pre-salt producing 1 million barrels; Libra and the costly assignment will produce 1 million of barrels, possibly, "he added. Then, during the event, he clarified that the projection was 1 million barrels for each of the areas, and that this "conceptual" perspective should be achieved in the medium and long term.

The Squid field, in the pre-salt, currently produces about 1 million barrels/day. " That is the potential, the field of Lula today produces 1 million and you can imagine that others can generate also in the long run, "he stressed. Source: Reuters.

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