PPSA production rises 9.5% in June contracts

Oil production from Mero sharing contracts, Surroundings of Sapinhoá and Southwest of Tartaruga Verde, administered by Pre-Salt Oil (PPSA) rose again in June, recording a daily average of 46,000 barrels per day (bpd), 9.5% higher than in the previous month, according to ppsa.

According to the company, production grew after the interruption of some activities due to weather conditions by the period of five days, in addition to a fall of the main generation in one of the production platforms.

Thus, June production was distributed among 26,000 bpd in Mero; 9,000 bpd in Entorno de Sapinhoá; and 11,000 bpd in Southwest of Green Turtle. Since the beginning of the production of the three contracts, the total accumulated oil is 40.6 million barrels of oil and 162 million barrels of oil cubic meters of gas. In addition, the volume should grow even more after closing of a co-participation agreement between the partners of the Buzios field – among them, ppsa, which represents the Union in the consortium. According to the company, the agreement should be signed later this year.


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