Specialized profession and offshore cuisine

Francisco Paulino is a merchant navy professional for 37 years, close to retirement and today takes care of the food at CBO Ipanema for the vessel PSV 4500, which provides special fluids for drilling to vessels probes, the company CBO. He works with support from a deckhand and kitchen for 16 crew members, providing breakfast, lunch and dinner. It produces two main dishes at lunch and also at dinner with its respective trims, and also has the function of inspecting the storage of food and liquids, because there can be no product on board with date or on the day of expiry. Health surveillance is Rigorosíssima.

Menu-from Monday to Sunday breakfast, lunch and dinner has varied menu. The Offshore Panorama had access to one of them: Monday Lunch-chicken with potatoes and old clothes (COD). Dinner of the second: fillet with fries. Tuesday: dried beef to Ceará and chicken breast. At dinner, fish fillet with mashed potatoes. On Wednesday is served shrimp and escalope of meat for lunch and dinner, chicken pot pie and vegetable soup. Already on Thursday, has liver to Lisbon and chicken chess for lunch, and at dinner cooked chicken ravioli to the suck. Friday: Cherne to the marinade and steak on the plate for lunch, and at dinner Goulasch and green broth. On Saturday have carré with eggs and grilled chicken and for dinner stroganoff chicken and potato sautê. On Sunday there is a good full barbecue and for dinner chicken soup and pizzas. The schedules are from 11:00 to 1:30 for lunch and from 5:00 to 6:30 for dinner.

Routine – The cook Francisco Paulinho has the following routine: from 7:00 to 19:00 Daily, for 28 consecutive days. And it also divides the profession with the pastoral exercise of the Assemblies of God and theologian in its clearances and is very committed to safety, because in the last years defended twice mandate in the CIPA (internal commission of accident Prevention). "We are waterway (formerly Seafarers) and are hired to work in all seas and oceans, and our regime is mandatory 28 for 28 days," confirms Pauline.

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