Offshore supervisory professional is an essential role in the sector

According to a survey by the Brazilian Infrastructure (CBIE), there are 155 offshore oil and gas platforms in currently operating, spread throughout the country's coast working with exploitation of the products. In each of them, there are more than 100 professionals board daily.

Among them, there is at least one professional responsible for supervising all this operation, who is the production supervisor and oil platform. According to José Tadeu Tavares Queiroz, graduated in Petroleum and Gas Polytechnic and technician in mechanics, this professional has a key role for the production department, for providing support to the oil production operation team, with a fundamental role to facilitate the performance of the activities of the operation technicians, in addition to ensuring that they are done according to safety standards. Queiroz also cites essential qualities to assume the role, such as good relationship with the team and leader posture.

In addition, it is necessary to have experience in the production process and know well every detail. He also recalls that to be a production supervisor, it is necessary to take courses and graduations, as well as be well updated on the platforms and oil production of Brazil and the world. "It's a pleasurable and well-rewarded job, it's worth investing in. This sector has highs and lows, but it is always growing," queiroz says.


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