High oil and gas professionals in 2018

The oil and gas market with an unbridled tram economy in previous years has caused layoffs, corporate bankruptcy, stagnation, and promising professional careers in decadents. With the reheating of this market, via sale of assets, recovery of Petrobras, and the forecast of hiring of 500,000 new workers up to 2020, it messes with the graduation and return the rise and search of qualified professionals, making the year of 2018 in high for the professionals of this segment.

One of the keys to keep in the prime, and to give the Head Hunters of this sector is the English language that becomes more universal. In the professional portals of HR, and in the companies, the requirement of the English language is notorious, as also that the year of 2018 should have the resumption of the hiring in some specific areas, from the functions of engineering, geologist, geophysicist, petrophysicist, and also to the areas of analyst Economical for the oil and gas sector, this must have a degree in engineering or economic sciences, regulatory manager, that professional who does the interface with the ANP (National Oil Agency) or other specific agency of the gas sector, responsible fluid engineer For informing the chemicals necessary for the preparation of the drilling fluid, as well as testing and treating the fluid (drilling mud).

Other professionals with an English language domain, even those Brazilian professionals who will replace the foreigners who had been hired in the golden times of oil, need training and market upgrades that have profile in training in Petroleum and gas engineering, chemical or mechanical.

The alternative energy sector seeks professional engineers with knowledge in operation and maintenance for solar and wind power that can operate and care for the maintenance of equipment in the area. These professionals must be trained in engineering, with knowledge in the civil segments, connected to the installation; Electrical, because it involves the solar issue; and mechanics.

To conclude, within the oil and gas area, the maintenance manager with training in naval engineering is responsible for the preventive and corrective maintenance of the machines of the vessels. It also manages service providers, takes care of the safety of the boat and deploys quality tools in order to avoid unnecessary stop.

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