Professional offshore and its activities-opportunities

The offshore Panorama recently reported two open competitions for professionals in the offshore sector. Petrobras and Transpetro are having open registrations for public selective process. Petrobras seeks to fill in 57 vacancies, as well as a reserve record for the state of Rio de Janeiro to top level professionals.

Transpetro seeks 321 professionals for the company's Sea board. Vacancies are for the positions: Deck boy, Machine boy, cook, mechanical conductor, pump driver, deckhand, electrician and health aid, as well as vacancies for formation of reserve registration. Entries can be made by January 31 on the Cesgranrio Foundation website/contests.

Deck Boy-this professional, according to the indications based on NORMM 13 in Https://, must perform mooring and unmooring maneuvers and conservation services on long-haul vessels. It also works by launching and collecting moorings and cables, takes care of cleaning and conserves the surfaces and installations of the covering, following the standards and practices already pre, and assist in the maneuvers of the ship keeping the deck plus the facilities in perfect condition.

The average wage for this professional according to Sine data (national employment system is an organ of the federal Government of Brazil, coordinated by the Ministry of Labor and Employment, through the secretariat of employment and wage policies), is R $1.888,03 for trainee in Small business, and from R $4.780,33 to professional master of large company.

Also who is in search of qualified professionals is plumb Logistics/Porto do ACU, and has vacancies for civil engineer, project manager and information technology analyst.