Petrobras program will train more than 2,000 students and teachers

The "Windows for Tomorrow" project is Petrobras' Digital Inclusion Program, and this month carries out the technological training of 2,000 teachers and 2,200 students in Rio de Janeiro. The program will offer technological improvement enabling improvement to assist in pedagogy and help young people enter the labor market.

The project, which was launched in March this year, is another Petrobras initiative that aims to positively impact social development, especially in regions with social vulnerability trends.

According to the state, over the course of two years about R$ 2.5 million should be invested in the program, plus computer donations, in partnership with Recode, expanding digital access for about 50,000 elementary and high school students in the states of Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and Espírito Santo.

Recode is an organization for digital inclusion and empowerment through computing in vulnerable communities.

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