Panorama program summarizes in video news of the day

Oil is, without a doubt, one of the main pillars of world economic growth and one of the most promising markets in recent years. Its recent resumption and elevation in the prices of the barrel, coupled with the production reduction efforts, which seek to enhance the commodity, have left the sector's animated investors with the ever-prosperous and ample future for the oil and gas market.

Seeking to broaden the dissemination of information in the offshore sector and diversify the current model of communication strategy, the offshore Panorama Portal, maintains a weekly open channel with companies and professionals in the oil and gas sector through its video program, entitled Panorama in the air.

The panorama in the air, is a product of the Offshore panorama that is produced in a different and irreverent way. In the video journalistic program, which is recorded weekly, are summarized in about 40 seconds and, in an attractive way, the three main news links on the portal da during the week. This way it gets easier, faster and more dynamic to get information about the offshore market. The video is available at the Portal: Https:// and also via the YouTube channel: Https://

The panorama in the air, as well as all the other products of the Offshore panorama, such as the reserved Panorama and the three of Tuesdays, offers relevant and reliable news about the world of oil and gas, disseminating and oxygenating indispensable information for those who act or are interested in this Sector.

So if you want differentiated and reliable details about the market, check out the programs and continue interacting with the Offshore Panorama. The portal is the ideal tool for those who need quality information about oil, gas, biofuels and offshore. Remember, your business goes through here! Check out: and

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