Petrobras disinvestment program will change

Petrobras ended projects that had not yet signed contracts and kept those who were already in progress, as determined by the Court of Auditors of the Union reported by Panorama Offshore earlier. In this way, the state will continue the sale of Liquigas, PetroquímicaSuape and Citepe and 90% equity interest in Nova Transportadora do Sudeste.

According to state, within two weeks the projects that integrate the new portfolio and are able to start structuring phase will be put into initiation and subsequently disclosed to the market.

Divestments of projects that should make up the new portfolio are: transfer of the rights of a number of onshore fields; direct assignment of concessions in shallow waters in the Sergipe and Ceara states; sale of stake in BR Distribuidora; sale of concession rights in Bauna fields and Green Turtle (which had sales of giving up a few days ago, as reported here in Panorama), and the sale of its stake in Saint Malo field in the Gulf of Mexico.

According to Petrobras, the changes will not interfere with the fulfillment of the goal of partnerships and divestitures that have strategic plan of $ 21 billion for the biennium 2017/2018.


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